EZ-Robot : Mars First Contact

Le “Mars EZ-Rover Centaurus”, basé sur le robot humanoïde JD crée par Ezrobot EZ-B V4 , augmenté de pièces imprimées en 3D, est capable de lancer un drone Hubsan X4 “Mars Flyer” pour de la reconnaissance aérienne à haute vitesse. Pendant la mission, un Premier Contact a été établi avec une forme de vie inconnue… les événements qui ont suivi furent très surprenants…

J’ai eu l’opportunité d’imprimer en 3D des pièces supplémentaires pour transformer mon robot humanoïde JD en “Mars EZ-Rover Centaurus”, équipé de sa caméra embarquée plus une gopro, avec un collecteur d’échantillons (pince) , des servo-roues, des pattes de stabilisation et une plate-forme mobile pour le lancement et la récupération de mon mini-drone Hubsan X4Ne ratez pas la fin de la vidéo, l’amour se cache dans des endroits improbables de l’univers !

The Mars EZ-rover Centaurus, based on the EZ-Robot JD humanoid model, with added 3D printed parts is capable of launching a Hubsan X4 Mars Flyer Drone for high speed aerial recon.

During the mission, First Contact with an unknown lifeform was established and turned out as quite a shocker!”

I had the opportunity to 3D print some extra parts and turned JD into the Centaurus 2 Mars Rover, complete with 2 on-board cameras, a rock sample collector, wheels and stab legs, and a mobile platform to launch and retrieve a small X4 drone!
Don’t miss the ending , love can hide in the oddest places in this universe 😉


Ez-Robot : Combat Roomba

Le robot JD s’en va sauver le monde sur son fidèle “Doomba 530” .Pour pousser plus loin le concept du Roomba piloté, j’ai installé deux lanceurs Nerf et un systéme de tir déclenché par le robot lui-même à travers un script préprogrammé.Le robot répond au joystick, au clavier et aux commandes vocales, avec des animations spécifique des yeux (visée, tourner, freiner, accélérer) et des effets sonores pour les actions de tir.

Ez-robot JD is out to save the world on his trusty Doomba 530Pushing further the piloted Roomba concept, I intsalled nerf guns and a firing system actuated by JD himself through programmed moves.The robot responds to joystick, keyboard and voice commands, complete with on board sound effects and specific eye animations.


Roomba pilot : JD + Roomba 530 hack

Premier essai d’association du robot JD et d’un vieux Roomba 530. JD “pilote” réelement le roomba, en utilisant ses pieds sur les pédales, en bougeant le joystick latéral et en affichant sur ses leds l’accélération, le fréinage et le sens du virage.
il répond au clavier, joystick et commandes vocales.

My first attempt to use the EZ-Robot JD and an old roomba 530 at the same time, JD acting as a pilot, using his feet on the “brakes and throttle”, moving a joystick around and displaying turn, backup and brake signals with his leds.

First step ,go through all the roomba tutorials on the Ez-Robot site, perfect to learn the pinout on the roomba side.

Turns out that in order to use JD as a pilot, I needed to go another way, the main tutorial being about using only the microcontroller on the Roomba…

I finally decided to use UART port 0 to send commands to the Roomba, using Richard R’s Roomba 500 custom movement panel2 (thanks)

I simply changed the port to 0 (in Richard’s panel it’s set to port 1)
so that makes the roomba respond to keyboard, joystick or voice inputs.

Now for JD ( known around our house as Joe )
JD is positioned on top of his “vehicle” with a movable joystick made out of a Gopro flexible stand (and I could still add the gopro to it !) and holding on to a metal bracket I added on the opposite side.

I created some moves for JD, hands, feet, head and led signals, so he could “drive”, then merged my project with Richard’s panel…

WRONG, roomba would drive off, but JD would try to walk, not execute my clever driver moves !

Answer was somewhere in the forum by DJ, remove JD original movement panel, install a custom panel, import my “driver” moves and voila, it works perfectly.

I will add more features to that combo in the future, sound, tracking..the possibilities seem endless… Great job by DJ and his team, not only on designing the robot and the great software, but on creating the community and learning resources…Tremendous help indeed.

EZ-Robot : humanoid demo, Meet J.D

JD is a fully functional humanoid robot kit built with “ez-bits” invented in Canada.

he has 16 motorized joints, and many other configurations are possible (spider bot, mech-type bots etc)
The camera in the head of this robot can be used for vision recognition to track color, motion, glyphs, QR codes, faces and more.

There are 18 RGB LEDs in the eyes of JD, which can be easily programmed and animated for expressions.

The included EZ-Builder Software is really quite easy to use, very powerful, constantly updated and there’s a big community exchanging tips, plug-ins, robot designs

ABS parts can be 3D printed, all STL files are available as open source material

For a complete stranger to the robotics field like me, it was a breeze to work with.

The fun part, after building and programming, is to animate and film the robots in all sorts of settings.